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Apollo XL - (Numeric)
Top Read
Synthesized or Crystal Type
Slide Switch Select Beep, Vibration, or Off
Loud Buzzer, Strong Vibration
AA Battery
40 Alphanumeric Canned Message
10 Programmable Alphanumeric Canned Message
Selective PC or Hand Programmable
16 Memory Slots
Back-light Display
Slide Switch Select Beep or Vibration Alert
Date and Time Display
Message Time stamping
Message Lock
Selective Erase All
Memory Retention
Lithium Battery Backup
Reminder Alert
Low Battery Indicator
Duplicate Message
Alerts with LED flash
Message Invert (Option)
Direct Show (Option)
Up to 4 Capcodes Capability, 16 Capcodes Capability for FLEX
Model AL-XL & AF-XL
Frequency 138~174MHz, 408~473MHz, 929~932MHz
512bps ? 5uV/M, 1200bps ? 7uV/M, 2400bps ? 9uV/M
Baud Rate 512 / 1200 / 2400bps for POCSAG, 1600 / 3200 / 6400bps for FLEX
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz, 25KHz
Code Format POCSAG, FLEX
40 db below carrier
Alert Tone Loudness 85db @ 30 cm (12 inches)
Frequency Deviation ?4.5KHz
4 Capcodes for POCSAG, 16 Capcodes for FLEX
Display 12 Digits
Dimension 51(L) x 74(W) x 28(H) mm
Weight Approximately 76 g (Without Battery)